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History and Curricula: Different origins and experiences

Venus and Mars, of Botticelli

Italchem was born out of the encounter and merger of 2 different cultures

Brief History

Italchem was founded in Istanbul, in 1995, by Aygül Dogruol and Guido Quagliardi. Our firm moved its first steps in Turkey as a local representative of foreign Chemicals and Textile Machinery producers. During following years, however, Italchem diversified its activity, in order to give a better service to its clients. Today we act as:

  • Marketing Representatives, assisting our principals in promoting, distributing and/or sourcing best products, machinery and technologies in different sectors.

  • Management Advisors, assisting our clients in strategic control, organization and/or restructuring of their operations in Turkey

  • JV and M&A Advisors, assisting our clients in identification of strategic partners, establishment of JV and subsidiaries, finalization of M&A deals.

    Our Team

  • Guido Quagliardi        (Partner)
  • Guido Quagliardi Italian national, graduated from University of Rome in Political Sciences in 1976, holder of a Diploma in Management from Loyola University of Chicago, member of the Committee of the Italian Businessmen in Turkey, Counselor of the Italian Chamber of Commerce of Sydney from 1983 to 1987.

    Worked in Montedison Group (commodity and specialty chemicals, plastics, rubbers, agrochemicals, man-made fibers, pharmaceuticals) from 1976 to 1991 in following countries and positions:

    - Sales Manager for Europe of Fertimont -Fertilizers- (Milano),
    - Assistant Managing Director of Montedison Hellas (Athens),
    - Managing Director of Montedison Australia (Sydney),
    - Managing Director of Montedison Singapore (Singapore),
    - Strategic Analysis Manager for Advanced and Composite Materials (Milano)
    - General Manager of Kimmont Kimya -Chemical Auxiliaries- (Istanbul),
    - Responsible for New Ventures of Auschem S.p.A.-Chemical Auxiliaries- (Milano).

    Later, until 1993, in Enichem Group as Managing Director of Enichem Iran (Tehran).

    After leaving Enichem, acted as consultant for different companies, mainly in the fields of Petrochemicals, Specialty Chemicals, LPG, Textiles.

    In 1995 founded Italchem Kimya together with Aygul Dogruol. In the Company he supervises all aspects related to Organization, Strategies, Corporate Finance and Legal Matters.

    RELATED ASSIGNMENTS: from 2002 to 2010, within the context of a project commissioned by the Italian Group Fratelli Ricci, operating in the field of Chemical Auxiliaries for the Textile Sector, Member of the Board (with function of Controller) of Fratelli Ricci Kimya (located in Istanbul).

  • Aygül Dogruol        (Partner)
  • Aygül Dogruol Turkish national, graduated from Istanbul Technical University in Chemical Engineering in 1983. Holder of a Diploma in Management from Istanbul University.

    General Assistant in Anatolia Shipping Co. (London) during 87-88.

    Back to Turkey, joined Auschem, a producer of Chemical Auxiliaries belonging to the Italian Group Enichem, first, from 1989 to 1990, as coordinator and purchasing manager of Kimmont Kimya, a joint venture with the Turkish Organik Kimya, and later, until 1992, after decision to terminate this JV and starting up a fully owned local subsidiary, as liquidator of Kimmont Kimya and Managing Director of Auschem Kimya.

    In the following years, movinide xxxxg between Milano and Tehran, acted as consultant for different companies, mainly in the field of Specialty Chemicals.

    In 1994 came back to Turkey within the frame of an extensive commercial project commissioned by 3V Sigma, one of the world leaders in the sectors of Optical Brighteners and Synthetic Thickeners.

    In 1995, together with Guido Quagliardi, founded Italchem Kimya. In the Company she supervises all aspects related to marketing activities.

    RELATED ASSIGNMENTS: from September 2009 to February 2010, within the context of a project of Temporary Management and reorganization of the activities in Turkey and Iran, commissioned by the Italian Group Bonfiglioli, operating in the field of Gear Boxes, General Manager of Bonfiglioli Turkey (located in Izmir)

  • Baran Yetkin        (Associate)
  • A. Baran Yetkin is a certified accountant, working in Ayse Baran Yetkin Yeminli Mali Musavirlik.

    Baran Yetkin

    Work Experience:

    A. Baran Yetkin has been appointed as Controller of Revenues of the Ministry of Treasury in 1987. For about 3 years, while in the Ministry of Tresury, she followed courses and made research about application of the Turkish Tax System. She began working in the private sector from August 1997.

    Areas of Specialization:

  • Financial advising about national and international tax regulations and their application.
  • advising about incentives applications.
  • yearly auditing, according to Turkish Tax Regulations.(during her carier, she performed auditing for firms in different sectors, such banks, private schools, tourism, medicine, constructions, cement)
  • advising for reducing financial risks and tax problems
  • tax calculation and preparation of tax declarations for corporations and indivuduals.
  • tax planning.
  • Due diligence.
  • advising for establishment of firms, Joint ventures, M&A operations, liquidations
  • advising on value added refunding
  • education of accounting personnel


  • short guide about accounting systems according to Turkish Tax Regulations
  • short guide about Value Added Tax planning and refunds

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    Our History and curriculum International Partners Marketing Division Joint Ventures / M&A Management Consulting Making business in Turkey Presentation Italchem 2008 contacts